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Mandel Continuing Scholars Admissions

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Tri-C Mandel Scholars Academy Students
Tri-C applicants from The Mandel Scholars Academy should apply in spring semester of their final year at Tri-C. Students who are admitted MUST participate in a research seminar the summer before they begin at CSU, and are expected to complete their bachelor's degree at CSU within 2 years.
Application Deadline: January 28
Admissions Criteria
Prospective students must meet ALL of the following criteria:
  • 3.5+ cumulative GPA in all college-level coursework
  • Rigorous coursework in major of interest
  • Commitment to completing honors coursework in major of interest
  • Strong ability to complete program requirements within 2 years
  • Participation in a summer seminar at Tri-C 
Application Checklist for Mandel Continuing Scholars
  • Attend information session part 2
  • Completed Cleveland State University application and all associated materials to the admissions office (acceptance into the University is required before your Honors application will be reviewed)
  • Mandel Continuing Scholars Program application
  • Autobiographical essay (See application for more details) to the Mandel Honors College
  • Two letters of reference are required: applicants are encouraged to seek letters from reviewers able to comment on the student’s ability to complete honors-level work in their major
  • Schedule an interview with the admissions committee
Application Deadline: January 28

Questions? Email mandelcontscholars@csuohio.edu 

Applicants to the Mandel Honors College must be pursuing their first Bachelor's degree.  Students who already hold a Bachelor's degree are ineligible for consideration.
Please Note: The Mandel Honors College only admits students for fall semester.